Budget Impact in Your Hand

Convert your Excel budget impact in an elegant and consistent App for your tablets and share safely personalized analyses.



Since it is developed in HTML5 and JavaScript, the App could be finalized either for iOS, Android or your CRM system.


Default data can be updated at any time through a user‑friendly back‑end, thus maximizing your investment.


The App engineering makes it easy to localize it in different markets. Change of language, data set and graphic elements is fast and cost‑effective.


The App is designed and developed on your needs. Our team works closely with you to identify the best solutions.


The App and the data therein remain your property. You can run and modify it at any time, independently from our infrastructure. We provide you with both the IPA file and source code.

Always Working

The App works off‑line, for a better experience everywhere. A connection is needed only for the updates.

Save & Recover

You can save your last analysis and recover it when needed.


You can share your analyses via email. The App creates a pdf file with tables and graphs of inputs and results.

Live Demo

Process & Timing

Your App up and running in 4 weeks!

First week

The process starts with the analysis of your model in Excel, compared with your needs in terms of communication, usability, distribution, localization, upgradability and traceability. All technical requirements are defined in this phase. At the end of this phase we present you our content and layout proposal, which must be approved by you.

Second week

We check your spreadsheet to remove unnecessary information and to better structure it. Content editors and software developers create a beta version of the App. All the input and output data are tested and stressed by our team, to check the usability and dependability of the App.

Third week

The App is now released for your own testing. In the meantime, the editors write all the explanatory texts, the bibliographic references and the other necessary documents.

Fourth week

After your approval, the App is deployed on your systems. If localization in several Countries is needed, it will be implemented at this time.