Medical Writing

For over 15 years, medical content publishing has been at the heart of our business.We provide you with our experience, to enhance the accuracy and value of your articles.

A skilled in-house editorial staff will be dedicated to your medical papers: our specialized medical writers, journal’s editors, illustrator and graphic designer will help you check the data, write the paper, edit the draft, supervise the submission and deal with the peer-review process.

We can support non-English native speakers with certified translation and revision.

  • Medical articles
  • Abstracts and posters
  • Clinical reports
  • Slide presentations
  • Literature reviews
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Website content

Sponsored Journals

SEEd can leverage its experience in publishing medical journals to meet your communication needs.

SEEd was born in 2000 as a publishing house specialized in medicine.

We have the skills and the resources to develop and launch new medical journals, under the aegis of a commercial sponsor or a scientific society.

Graphics and contents are handled by our internal editorial staff, under the supervision of a Scientific Board and an Editor-in-Chief.

  • Comprehensive publishing project
  • Original and customized layout
  • Leading editorial board
  • Liaison between customers, editorial board and authors
  • Clerical tasks
  • Scheduling of forthcoming issues
  • Fact-checking and review
  • Editing, proof-reading and page setting

Patient Education Materials

SEEd offers a wide range of patient education materials, to provide an accurate and easy-to-read guidance to patients and caregivers. The aim is to satisfy the patient’s need for true and reliable information, and to provide the physician with a practical tool to improve patient awareness and compliance.

On account of its experience as a publishing house, over the years SEEd has developed  patient education materials on several topics, from the most common pathologies to legislative issues, as well as guidance on behavior and lifestyle. Against fake news and the risks of unreliable information, SEEd relies on recognized opinion leaders for educational materials for patients and caregivers.

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Fact sheets
  • Booklets
  • Digital (eg. PDF)
  • Website

Experts Meetings & Advisory Boards

Meetings are a crucial step in the design of a project or a research, as well as an occasion to share and discuss data or hypotheses.

To get the best from the participants, the logistics, organization and conduction of the meetings should be marked by professionalism, precision and competence: our assistants are in charge of the overall logistical aspect, while our in-house editors prepare the scientific program and moderate the meeting.

When needed, our medical writers are available to draw up a complete and reliable report about the meeting.

SEEd can provide you with accurate logistic services and high quality scientific content: all in one partner.

  • Preparing the scientific program
  • Finding the right location and date
  • Contact with the experts and invitation
  • Booking of travel tickets and accommodation
  • Processing of the material to be discussed and sharing it with the experts
  • Participation as chairperson or moderator
  • Report of the meeting by our medical writers

Market Access

The identification of the added value of a product and its market positioning – as well as the communication with decision-makers and payers – are fundamental prerequisites to ensuring an optimal market access.

Since 2008, SEEd has partnered with AdRes, a Health Economics and Outcomes Research Centre, on medical and economic research projects, using a value-centered approach.

The partnership between SEEd and AdRes provides a solid foundation, from which to advise and support pharmaceutical companies, based on the identification and implementation of efficient market access strategies.

  • Regional value dossiers
  • National value dossiers
  • HTA reports
  • Registration dossiers

Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews

Meta-analyses and systematic reviews are useful for promoting comparative effectiveness and safety interventions, providing inputs for economic models, and supporting Health Technology Assessments.

Thanks to the successful partnership with AdRes, we can support you with clinical, methodological, and statistical skills, implemented to maximize the efficiency of the activities of research and literature collection.

Our team of experienced data management professionals is dedicated to the collection and statistical analysis of real-life data, while specialized medical writers provide assistance for the preparation, submission and publication of such analyses.

  • Definition of search strategies
  • Classification of background studies
  • Assessment of the internal validity of individual reports
  • Assessment of the representativeness of the sample of identified studies
  • Determination of the external validity of the data
  • Qualitative statistical analysis
  • Meta-analytic techniques